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Surfing Tours in Puerto Vallarta

Premier Surfing Instructors Sharing the Passion

Vallarta Surf Guide offers traditional surfing experiences, where we teach you or take you to ride the waves, face forward, towards the shore.

Puerto Vallarta area, blessed with the Pacific Ocean location has became a very popular surfing destination in Mexico.

Origins of surfing date back to 1800s on the Hawaiian Islands where surfers used different and often primitive type of boards (and even surfed naked).

Given that Puerto Vallarta is situated on the same parallel as the Hawaiian Islands might be of no coincidence. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, shares similar climate to that of Hawaii thus water sports, including surfing, abound (and yes, we do surf clothed)!

Today, Vallarta Surf Guide offers Surf Lessons, Surf Tours and Surf Excursions that are sure to satisfy the need of any seasoned surfer, beginner surfer or a surfing pro.

Not to mention that Puerto Vallarta Surf Guide surf board selection is very far from the originals on the Hawaiian Islands. We have the most modern boards to suit your taste and surfing needs in Puerto Vallarta!

Our seasoned, local and decorated Surf Guides are here to serve your needs! Join Puerto Vallarta Surf Guide, uncrowded surf happens here and we are ready to share our surfing passion in Puerto Vallarta with you!